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Courses of a Meal G 9 L-2

Plan of work for period ending day----month----year----
 Subject: Food and Nutrition
Unit: Resources
Grade: 9
1  Reasons why we eat food
2. Courses of a meal
3 Menu Writing

 At the end of the lesson should be able to:
 1. List at least 4 reasons why we eat food
 2. List the different courses of a meal
 3. Write a main course menu

Food is a vital necessity of life and should be planned and prepared properly
Organizing, writing, classifying. Menu writing

Focus Questions:
 1. Your friend keeps saying that she doesn’t need to eat food because she can take nutrient tablets. Tell her the reasons why she should eat Food.
2. Explain to a friend who does not know what  is a three course meal .
Teaching Method:
Question answer, class discussion, brain storming, research, and lecture.
 Instructional Aid:
Charts, text books
 Home economics texts

 Content Outline
a. Reasons for eating food.
-1 To sustain life
-For pleasure
-To sustain life
-To maintain body structure
-for health purposes
b.Reasons for cooking food
 For destruction of micro organisms that produce mould and harmful bacteria.
To improve flavor and texture of food , for aesthetic appeal, to make it easier to be digested.

c. Things to keep in mind when planning meals
 -Number of individuals to be served.
-likes and dislikes of individuals.
-Culture and religious beliefs,
- Nutrient content of selected foods
 -Age of the individuals
 -Foods in season
 -Time of the day

d.Rules of menu writing
-A menu is a list of dishes written in the order of which they will be served
-Each dish goes in a separate line
-Each line begins with a capital letter
 -Mention accompaniment
 -Give hint of preparation
 -Write the beverage last
Sample Menu 
Cream of pumpkin  soup                                                                         
French Fried Chicken                                               
Rice and Peas
Sweet Potato Pudding/cherry sauce
Chilled Lime Ade/cracked ice

 e.Courses to a meal
 Depending on the country and culture there may be different courses to a meal,
the French can have as many as 10
The basic ones in western cultures are five courses to  to a meal
 1. Appetizer- (hors d'oeuvre, nibbles, soups salad) starter,
2. Entrée (a welcoming dish for the main course)
3. Main course consist of the protein, cooked /raw veg., starch)
4. Dessert -(sweet part of the meal – cakes, puddings, pies, tarts, cobblers, crisps)
5. Coffee- (strong and black) intended to keeps guest from falling a sleep

-Brain storm on individual topics, Listing of words on c.b.
- Class discussion on each topic.
-Looking at sample menu.
-Writing 3 course menus
-Construction of a table to show dishes which fall under different courses

-one-----------------------------------  Two ------------  Three--------------------Four----------------
Appetizer ------------------------Entre ------------Main course------ Dessert--------------
Pumpkin soup--------------------Spice Fish--------Fried Chicken-----Bread Pudding-----
---------------------------------Tossed salad-------Friut Punch-----------------------------
---------------------------------Rice and Pea-----------------------------------------------
Menu writing
Identification of different course,
writing sentences using words chosen from the lesson.

Author: (Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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