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Feeding the Family- G 8 L-2

Plan of Work for Period Ending Day----Month------Year
Lesson : 2
Subject: Food and Nutrition
Unit: Sustaining Forces
Grade: 8
Time: 6 sessions of 30 minutes
Topic: Feeding the Family

Objectives: At the end of lesson students should be able to:
1. Give an explanation of energy
2. Explain the different forms of energy use within the family
3. Explain what are the methods of giving energy to the body
4. List the basic nutrients found in food
5. Name the nutrients responsible for supplying the body with energy
6. Make a nutrient chart
7. Draw foods from the various food groups and complete a table shoeing their properties

Concepts: The Body needs energy to survive and must get it from food.
Classifying, writing, drawing, drawing, constructing tables. Discussion ,Organizing
Focus Question:
How would you explain to a group of housewives the importance of feeding their families meals with adequate nutrients.
Teaching Method: Brainstorm, question and answer
Instructional Aid: Food, charts, Text books,
Reference: Food and Nutrition A. Tull

Content outline:
-Forms of energy readily available to families:
a. Mechanical Energy-motion ( to do work )
b. Heat Energy _thermal (provides warmth)
c. Light Energy - light (illumination)
- Other forms of energy available
a. Chemical
 b. Electrical
c. Nuclear
All forms of energy is related and may be converted into another form
e.g. Wood is a form of chemical, burning changes it to heat and light
e.g Food is a form of chemical which when digested produced heat and and motion
-Nutrition is the science of food. Nutrients are chemical substances in food
-Nutrients are classified into groups.
Nutrient -------------Source----------Function
The first 3 nutrients above will give energy, but protein is too expensive to be used to supply energy

1. Teachers tells the story of the two little girls. Mary and Jane. Jane was only a Step daughter. She was always given the stock to drink while Mary was given the stock with her food. Although Mary got meat, Jane was much healthier.
Students will discuss the possible reasons why this was so.
2. Questioning on what students had for breakfast. List some of these on chalkboard.
   Allow students to says what nutrients the obtained from them.
3. Introduce the food charts and foster discussion on the benefit of each food
4. Bring to students’ knowledge the energy giving nutrients and why protein is not the best choice.
5. Students look for a nutrition chart in their text book and read up on them. Name the functions and   source of the nutrients.
6. Students group foods under groups, grow , go and glow.
7. Students take foods to class and do an experiment properties look. Taste, feel smell
   Using words like bland, sweet, sour, tangy, salty, hard, soft, smooth, coarse, Nice, bad sweet

Evaluation: Complete the nutrient chart above in the content of this lesson

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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