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Components of Home Economics -G7 L-1

Plan of work for period ending-day---nonth---year---
Lesson 1
Unit: Resources

Subject: Resources Of Home Economics
Topic: Components of Home Economics


1. At the end of the lesson students should be able to name the components of home economics
2. They should be able to explain what each means and entails
3. Write 3-5 sentences explaining what home economics entails

Home economics is a wide discipline and is the science of practising good economics in the home
Skills: Observing, listening, discussing, writing, deducing

Focus Questions:
1. You want to become a Home Economist .What would you expect to learn and do as a Home Economists?
2. For each of the areas what are some of the resources and tools you will need in class
while training?
Teaching Methods:
1. Question and answer, observation and recording, grouping, research. lecture.
Instructional Aid:
Live props, the home economics laboratory, note books and writing tools text.
Reference: Home economics for Caribbean Schools, internet related sites

Content Outline
a. Components of Home Economics
b. Nutrition : The science of nutrients in food and how they affect the body
c. Food preparation and service: The preparation and serving food
d. Clothing and Textile :Choice of clothing , designing and construction of clothing
e. Home management: managing the different aspect of the home. eg money, health,
f. Family life : Deals with issues relating to family

• The teacher introduces students to the home economics room and asks them to take a look around. They may make a list of some things they see and want to asks question on.
• Students gather back and explain some of the things they observed.
• They will be asked to explain what they think they will be learning.
• The teacher explains the different components taught in home economics.
Teacher and students brain storm words related to all the components .These will be listed on the c.b.
• The teacher asks students to group into 4 groups and each group will work within an individual area, They will pick out of the  cloud of words on the c.b. words relating to a different areas of Home Economics while adding some of their own.
• .Each child will create his indiciduals list of one area.
• Each member in the group will take one of the areas and the group will make  a reported.
-Students will pick out a task to complete from each area and make a tools and material list.
.The class will construct the tables under the heading      Task ---Material----Tools

• Each child will write five sentences about what they have learnt about the topic:
• Oral question to facilitate students who do not read and write well.

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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