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Family Forms and Structures -G 8 L-1

Lesson: 1

Subject: Home and Family Management
Unit: Sustaining Forces
Grade: 8:
Time: Six 30 mins.sessions
 a. Family Forms and Structures
b. roles and responsibilities of each member

 At the end of the lesson students should be able to:
1. Give a definition for family
2. List different family forms in Jamaica
3. Explain at least 3types of family types giving example in relationship to family members
4. Construct a picture gram of a family type and write sentences about it
5. Explain the following terms and the possible age boundaries of each group e.g. toddler, adolescent, adult, geriatric.
6. Creation of a table listing family members and the role each member assumes in their families.

The family is very important to a community.It is the basic unit of all cultures and societies' communities
Reasoning, creating, sentence making, discussing, constructing table.
Focus Question:
 John was asked if he lives in a family. He said he did not know. How can we
Help John to determine what family type he lives in. He hears these words
On the TV. But does not know what they mean explain that he understands
Toddler, geriatric, adult, adolescent
Teaching Method:
Question and answer, discussion, group activity.
Instructional Aid:
Text books, magazines, cartridge paper, DVD player

Content Outline
1. Definition on Family; A group of individuals living together who may be
related by marriage, birth, blood, or adoption, who are socially, emotionally economically connected?
2. Types of Families:
a. Families nuclear-Mother, father , child/children
b. Extended-Mother and or father children and other relatives
c. Single-Parent-Mother/father and child/children
d. Sibling- bigger assumes the responsibility as the head
e. Adopted-a child joins any of the above- legally binding
f. Foster- A child joins any of the above family-not legal binding
g. Blended-with children of different spouse and also children from both spouses
3. Special groups found within a family Toddler, preschool,, geriatric.

-Teachers throws out to the class the first part of the focus question.
-Class discussion to bring out the import concepts eg. Family types
Students watch Family DVD. On families
- Students then identify the family type in which they reside.
-Students use pictures from magazine to construct the different families.and write short sentences on how they may be identified.
-Discussion of gender socialization within various cultures.

Lesson 2b
- Special assignment: watch two family soap opera and write a short paper on what you think of both family structures.
- Students say what role special characters play.
-From this they will make a table of roles and responsible of family members
Class discussion of the value of living within a family unit.

Short quiz e.g. Which family do you live in? Give reasons explaining your answer. Give John a simple explanation of what a family is.

Author (Soy Criada)Juliet Christie Murray

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