Friday, September 11, 2009

Lesson 1 Resources G 9 L-1

Plan of work for period ending day----month----year---
Subject: Home management
Unit: Resources
Grade: 9
Time: Six 30 minutes. sessions
Topic: Managing time and resources

Objectives: At the end of the lesson students should be able to:
1. Give a definition for resources
2. Classify resources into natural –manmade, human-non human
3. Write a time plan to show how to do both task of preparing a snack and tidying the kitchen.
4. Write a list of the ingredients and tools necessary for preparing the snack and tidying the kitchen.
5. Write menus of various snacks

Focus Question: You are expecting 3 visitors within the hour. Your kitchen looks very untidy
Make a time plan of how you would prepare a snack for them and at the same time tidy your kitchen before they arrive.
Concept: Planning helps one to conserve time and energy which are vital resources
Reference:Home Economics in Action
Instructional Aid:
Text book, concrete objects in the environment
Skill: Organizing,
observation, writing menu, making a time plan, selecting correct tools to do a job

Content outline:
-Identification of various types of resources
-Classification of resources: human- nonhuman- natural -manmade
-Definition of resource.
-Defining and making a time plan using the format below
    eg.    Time------ Work to be done ------Minutes
                   9:00-9:05 ----prepare work area------------5 minutes
- Writing a sample snack menu.
-Make a list of all the resources needed to make a sandwich and a drink
-Make a list of all the necessary tools, cleaning agent’s ne essay to clean the kitchen.

1. Teacher presents focus question and allows students to discuss and brain storm and quick reference to  the design brief used to solve problems.
2. Classifying resources in categories mentioned above
3. Teacher guides students in identifying human resources e.g.skills, values, attitude, professionalism   knowledge etc.

4. Question students on what is menu and menu writing rules.
5. Teacher guides student on planning and writing a correct snack menu.
6. Student writes up lists of tools and equipment needed to prepare a snack and tidy the kitchen

Students will plan and write a menu, Write a list of all resources needed
to prepare and serve a snack.

Author: ( Soy Criada ) Juliet Christie Murray

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