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Natural and Manmade Fibers Grade 7( L-5)

Plan of Work for Period Ending Day----Month------Year
Lesson: 4
Subject: Clothing and textile
Unit: Resources
Grade: 7
Topic: Natural and manmade fibers
Time: Two 90 minutes sessions

At the end of the lesson students should be able to:
1. Name at least 4 natural fibers
2. Tell the source of each
3. Name at least 3 manmade fibers
4. Do burning experiment on different fabrics.
5. List the characteristics of manmade and natural fibers when exposed to flame.
6. Make a table  of fabrics suitable to make certain household items or items of clothing

Instructional aid
Samples of different types of fabrics, text book
The use and function of an item or garment should determine the type of fabric used to construct it.
Experimenting, observing, recording, safety in handling flame

Focus Question:
You need to make a pin cushion for your mother and an apron to be worn in the kitchen. Explain the type of fabric you would choose for making both.
Teaching Method:
Demonstration, experimentation, question and answer, grouping

Caribbean Home Economics in Action Bk.1

Content Outline
1.Definition for fibers: natural, manmade (Synthetic)
2.This is the smallest entity that makes up fabric.
3.Fibers are used to make yarn, which make threads and fabrics.

Natural fibers:
Cotton: such as calico, denim, gingham, khaki
Linen: such as Batiste, cash
Silk: such as chiffon, georgette, satin, taffeta,
Wool: mohair, cashmere, broad cloth, cheviot

Man made:
Synthetics: Polyester, nylon, spandex, gabardine
Blends: mixture of manmade and synthetic
Burning test –properties revealed by the burning test.
-Wool and silk smell like burnt feathers. Ash is brittle and crisp
-Cotton and linen smell like paper, ash is soft and powdery
-Polyester, and spandex smell like burnt plastic no ash just hard bead like substances.

1. Teacher allows students to feel different types of fabric, stretching and crushing
2. Teacher asks s student what type of items they would use each to make.
3. Class discussion on types of natural fibers .Teacher shows student a magnified drawing of the fibers. Students will copy them in note books and label.
-Teacher questions students and explain to students about the different fibers and some properties they do not know. Teacher tells them to observe what happens to each fabric when exposed to flame.
-Students tell teachers some of the fabric names they know and try to classify them under one of the types discussed.
- Students create a fabric chart for the class

Students create an individual scrap book. And write at least 2 things they have learnt about each of the fiber studied.

Author: (Soy Criada) juliet Christie Murray

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