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Planning Balanced Meals For families G8 L-3

Plan of Work for Period Ending Day----Month------Year
Lesson: 3
Subject: Food and nutrition
Unit: Sustaining Forces
Grade: 8
Topic: Planning balanced meals for the Family.
Time: Six 30 minutes sessions

A t the end of the lesson students should be able to
1. List all six nutrient groups and identify food sources of each
2. List the rules of menu writing
3. Answer questions based on the Caribbean basic Four Food groups and explain why basic 4.
4. Plan simple meals and write the menus

If one is to remain a healthy life style he must consume daily foods from all food groups.
Researching, reporting, organizing, defining, categorizing
Focus Question:
Your parents are always going to work very early and coming home very late. They leave you to prepare the meals for the family but, it is always tin mackerel and boiled yam.
1. Explain to them why this is not ideal.
2. Write 3 simple nourishing menus that you could suggests that they allow you to prepare.

Teaching Method:
Question and answer, miming, brain storming, semantic mapping, discussion, role play
Instructional Aid:
Caribbean food charts, text, chart of sample menu, recipes
Caribbean Home Economics text books for schools.

Content Outline
Vocabulary: Multi-Mix Principle, staple, cereal, menu, diet
a. Nutrient groups- 6-Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins, Water
b. Caribbean food groups - Staples, Food from animals, Peas, beans, nuts legumes
    Dark green leafy and yellow vegetables, Fats and oils, Fruits, Sugars.
c. Caribbean basic four-(1) Staples (2) Food from animals (3) Peas, beans, nuts legumes
(4) dark green leafy and yellow vegetables
N.B The group of sugars are no longer recognized

1. Teacher questions students on foods they like to eat. These will be written on chalkboard
2. Students organize them under the Caribbean food groups.
     Charts of the caribbean food groups will be presented to students. so they can used it see how correct   they were
3. Students name the 6 nutrient groups and identify foods from the Caribbean food groups that contain these  nutrients.
4. Evaluating the groups and identify which has a good quantity of the nutrients repeating.
5. Teacher guides students as to the Caribbean basic 4 and show how to plan 2, 3, and 4 mixes meals to ensure that a balanced diet is maintained.
6. Introducing students to rules of menu writing,
7.  Students create a number of simple menu to ensure that they understand the concepts of balanced diet.
9. Students plan a meal to prepare in class.

Students plan meals for different time of the day using the multi-mix principle.
They will make plans to prepare the meal , such as writing  market and grocery lists and a list of the equipment needed to prepare and serve the meal .

Author: ( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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