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Sewing Tools and Notions Grade 7 L-4

Plan of  work for period ending day----month----year----

  Lesson :4
Subject: Clothing and Textile
Unit: Resources
Grade: 7
Time: Six 30 minutes sessions
Topic: Sewing tools and notions

At the end of the lessons students should be able to
1. Give definitions of simple tools
2. Give definition for sewing notions
3 Identify sewing notions on different areas of an item
4 .Label sewing tools and equipment
5. Make a list of the different places where sewing needles can be stored safely.
6. Categorize sewing tools according to their function
7. Prepare a scrap book of sewing tools and notions

Using the correct sewing tool enables the sewer to do a better job in a shorter time. The correct notion ensures a neater finishing.
Categorizing Researching, organizing, labeling, writing. drawing

Focus Question:
Your mother has a number of tools, buttons and snaps she uses to sew. When she wants them she walks all over the house looking for them. What can you say to her or do for her to solve the problems
Teaching Method:
Brain storm, questioning, grouping,
Instructional Aid:
Concrete objects, sewing tools, and notion, pictures
Clothing and textile text books

Content Outline:
1 .Definition of sewing tools- advance simple semi advanced
Categorizing tools according to function-
a. Measuring-rulers, tape measure, meter sticks , curve ruler. 90° ruler, hem marker, button hole gauge, etc
b. Marking -, pencils, washable markers, tailors chalk, tailors tacking. marking tapes
c. Cutting-shears, scissors, embroidery scissors, cutting rollers etc.
d. Pinning-common pins (flat , pins, ball ) pin cushions , magnets
e. Stitching- Needles (Crewels, darners, etc) sewing machines
f. Pressing- iron, ironing board, tailor’s ham. Sleeve board
g. Specialized tools- loop turners, point formers, seam gauge, bodkin (elastic runner), eyelets hole maker, seam ripper,  needle threader, dressform etc
h  Storage hangers, drawers cupboard
Sewing notions are used to finish , neaten or enhance articles that are sewn especially garment.

Types of sewing notions:
Pillion, batting, fusible web, lac ,bias binding, belting, button , hooks and eyes, Velcro, zippers,
Metallic trims, motif, cording beads, belting,  invisible hem tape,etc.
2. Functions of tools and notions
3.Construction of a table of tools under headings  above  and ctegories below
Name of tool------ Function------- Category- (simple,----Semi advanced,----advanced
.Names of notion--- Functions------ Places used on an item
4.How to make a scrap book for sewing tools.
1. Introduction of lesson using focus question. Brain storm to get answers on definition of tools and notion .Allow students to say how they would solve their mothers’ problems.
2. Ask students which category they would put a pin cushion. Let them draw a few samples on chalk board
3 Allow students to separate in groups and use text to complete the first table above
4. Identifying various notions on clothing in class. Completing table two along with teacher’s supervision such as identify and spelling of unfamiliar objects.
5. Discussion of the scrap book and how it is to be organized.

Students complete tables and make scrap book. of sewing tools and notions
Answer a simple quiz.

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray



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