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Owning Your own Home G8 L-4

Plan of  work for period ending day----month----year---

Lesson: 4
Subject: Home Management
Unit: Sustaining Forces
Grade: 8
Topic: Owning a Home
Time: Six 30 minutes sessions

At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
1. List important points to bear in mind when planning to purchase or build a home
2. List and explain the meaning of various terms associated with acquiring a home.
3. Draw or select from picture their dream house and write about it.

Families need a place to live and every head of a family should try and provide shelter for the rest of members, because it is one of the basic needs.
Observation, writing, drawing surveying

Focus Question:
Your mother and family are thinking of owning a home. They are not certain if they should buy an old house, buy a new house or build one of their own. Tell them the advantages of all the three.

Teaching Method:
Skit, demonstration miming, writing questioning, discussion grouping, surveying, research
Instructional Aids:
Brochure, from housing institutions, text books, pictures
Caribbean Home Economics in Action, Lending institution brochures

Content Outline:

1. Methods of acquiring homes in Jamaica
2. Buying, building. Leasing, renting
3. Lending institutions, (National Housing trust) Victoria mutual, Jamaica National, Building, societies, Commercial banks.
4. Advantages and disadvantages of building, leasing renting buying old or new homes

5. Points to bear in mind when seeking a home
a. neighbourhood---------b. Adequacy of living space.--------------c. Age of the home and property
e. style of architecture----d. Functionality of plumbing and lighting,--- f. Community amenities

6. Advantages and disadvantages of buying an old or new home in Jamaica
Modern plumbing and lighting ---------------------older plumbing
New neighbourhood--------------------------------older neighbourhood
Larger space ---------------------------------------smaller space
New location ---------------------------------------old location
7. Advantage and disadvantage of building your own home
Build what you want------------------------------Need to have all the funds
Make changes as you go along--------------------Hampered by funding
The whole family can have an input----------------Land may be leased home is not permanent

8. Terms use in house acquisition
Free hold- house and lad owned by purchaser
Lease hold -house is owned land is leased
Title-a certificate showing the individual has a right to the property
Deed -a legal document stating the transfer of property to another

9. Financing terms
Loan- sum borrowed from a lender
Principal-The exact sum borrowed
Interest-the money paid on the principal
Mortgage- legal contract between lender and borrower
Down payment- first payment on the property usually20=30% of the value
Closing cost- lawyer’s fees, stamp duty and other fees.

1. Teacher questions class on types of housing in their community. How many students live in rented homes? Leased property home and on own land homes.
2 Ask students to give their views as to which of the above in item I. is better and give reason for their choice.
3. Class discussion on all points above.
4. Visiting lending agencies, collection of brochure and compare offers.
2 students draw or collect pictures of their dream home and write sentences about them

Use fill in the missing letter in words discussed in lesson in sentences
My mother is looking F-an—ng to purchase a home.

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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