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Pattern symbols and pattern Making

Plan of work for period ending day----month-----year----

Lesson: 6
Subject: Clothing and textile
Unit: Technology
Grade: 7
Topic: Pattern making
Time: Two 90 minutes sessions

At the end of the lesson students will be able to :
1. Students will be able to draw and label different  
     types of lines used in design
2. Draw, name and explain the basic pattern
      drafting symbols
3. Make a pattern of a pin cushion.
4. List the necessary tools needed to draw a pattern

Making and using a pattern is one method of ensuring that all items made are similar having a standard size.
Pattern drafting, measuring, balancing, observing.
Focus Question:
A store saw the pin cushion you made at school and ordered 25 from you. How can you ensure that the ones you make will all have the same size and design?

Teaching Method:
Demonstration, questioning, discussion. explaining
Instructional aid,
Paper, measuring tape, ruler, pencils books.
Home Economics for Caribbean Schools.

Content Outline
1. A pattern is the representation of the item one wishes to construct. There can be many pieces or just one piece.
2. Types of lines that may be used in pattern designing
Curved line, horizontal. Diagonal , vertical, circular lines.
3. Pattern symbols
_____________________________ Straight grain line enables the lining up of pattern corectly with    
                                                            drafting symbols   
----------------------------------------Stitching line, identify where to stitch the fabric

(___________________________) center fold line- lay on fold of fabric

____________________________ Cutting lines cut out shape from fabric

Notch  a diamond shape symbol used for matching patter pieces
Circle   used as balance or placement of button , pocket etc.
Tools used for pattern making in sewing
90° ruler. Curve ruler, straight edge ruler, paper. Pens and pencils. Circular shape.
In commercial patterns there is an instruction sheet telling how to use the pattern to construct the item.

1. Teacher allows students to read focus questions and describe how they will solve the problem.

They will make  a pattern for the item they select.
2. Tecaher shows studen a sample of a commercial pattern
     Students practice to drawdifferent types of lines and identify them on garments that they are  
      wearing.or on the commercial pattern
3. Teacher shows students a sample pin cushion. And tell them that is the one they will create a pattern for
4. Class discussion on pattern symbols and their function
5. Students with teacher instructions will make their own pattern and put on the correct pattern symbols

Marking and critiquing students' pin cushion patterns(teacher and students)

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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