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Constructing a square cushion

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Lesson: 7

Subject: Class project

Unit: Creating and making

Grade: 9

Topic: Making a square cushion

Time: Two 90 minutes sessions

Objectives: At the end of the lesson student should be able to:

1. Select and straighten fabric suitable for making cushion

2. Measure and make pattern for cushion

3. Cut out cushion

4. Make frill for pattern

5. Assemble pattern and stuff cushion


Cushions forms part of the decoration in a room, are very versatile and can liven up a dull room that otherwise could be seemed as drab.


Measuring, cutting, making frills and attaching frills.

Focus Question:

Your bedroom looks very dull what item that is fairly cheap you could make to lively up your room?

Teaching Method:

Demonstration, instructional, practical application

Instructional Aid:

Sewing Tools. Magazines with pictures of cushions, fabrics


Content Outline

-Cushions comes in various sizes and styles, such as square, round, heart, cylindrical
The most common standardize sizes are 2x12 and 15x15

Cushions may be decorated using cord piping, tassels, frills, smacking or lace

-To make frills for a cushion the fabric use for the gathers must be two times the circumference of the cushion.

-Frills may be finished 2-3 inches on cushions.

-cushion may be stuffed with batten or sponge.

-A stuffing bag should be use in order to make laundering more easier when cushions get dirty


-Class discussion on types, style and purposes of cushions, teacher shows students samples

-Student makes a diagram of the cushion they will make.

-Using news paper students under teacher’s guidance make a pattern of a cushion 15x 15 with a 2 ½ ins frill

-Students bring fabric and teacher shows how to straighten by pulling a weft thread and cut along the pull.

-Students lay our pattern pieces using the most economical fold so as to have adequate amount for the frill.

-Students cut out cushion and with teachers guidance construct frill to fit the circumference of the square cushion.

-Attaching frills to on the right side of 1 using basting stitches making sure that the open edges at both ends of frill have been joined before together attaching.

-Attaching side 2 to side 1 and frill, with right sides facing each other leaving a four inches opening to insert cushion bag and filling.

-Permanent stitch by hand or machine making sure that the frills are stitched right around on side 1 but 4 inches is not stitched on side 2.

-Turn cushion on right sides; Insert a 15x15 cotton bag. Put stuffing in this bag on till cushion is firm.

Using a slip hem close the 4 ins, opening.


Following students’ practical work and assessing stage by stage of the construction.

Written exercise. Explain the steps in constructing a cushion with frills.

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray
                                                                     Cushion styles
circle                                                      heart                                         square




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