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Table setting

Plan of work for period ending Day--- Month--Year---
Lesson :plan   9
Subject: Home Management
Unit: Resources
Topic: Table Setting
Grade: 7
Time: Two 90 minutes session
Objective : At the end of the lesson students will be able to :
1. Set a place for a basic meal – lunch
2. Set a place setting for a breakfast3. Identify different sizes of plates.                                                                        
4. Identify different types of fork
Instructional Aid
Text book of picture showing table setting, table appoints and table linen.

Text Preparing for Exam and Beyond. Home Economics for Caribbean Schools

Instructional Method
Game (Who can do it the best), Discussion, demonstration, questioning, dramatization.
Concept: Using table appointment play very important part of social graces and etiquette

 Focus Question
Your friend is planning a three course meal and a heavy breakfast who will be spending a night at a morning. She does not know what table appoint to use or how to set the cover. Show by setting and explaining the purpose of each table appoint.

Skill: table setting, polishing table appointments

Content Out line
1. Menu writing
2. Table appointment needed
3. A cover takes up 24-30 inches for each individual
4. In the hotel “Cover” is regarded as preparing setting the table for a specific number of individuals e.g. cover for 20- means you will be serving 20 individuals.
5. Correct names of each appointment                                                         
6.Terms Use: Cutlery, flatware, China ware, glass, napkin, table cloth, side plate, place plate, tumblers, wineglass, demitasse etc.
7.Types of forks, knives spoons (Text Preparing for Exam and Beyond. Home Economics for Caribbean Schools)
8.The menu usually dictates the table appointments to be set.
9. How to polish, table appointment (hold with one end of a towel then polish the exposed part of the appointment with the other end of the towel to remove spots and let them sparkle, such as glasses and silver ware.
10. Placing the appointment correctly – fork left ,knife and spoon, right . water glass above knife. ( Breakfast, cup & saucers to the right). Dessert fork spoon,and knife above dinner plate
 Side plate, above or to the left of forks. Napkin immediately to left of fork, or place on place plate folded in decorative style or place in class to be truly decorative.

1.Class discussion on reasons why we need to set tables for meals, The difference between American and European use of knives and forks ( American use knife to cut food and use the fork in the right , European use the fork in the left at all times.).
2.Writing of menu main course, two and three course breakfast
3.Practicing how to polish table appointments. Identifying various appointments
4 Setting the table for each of the menu above.
5.Students put themselves in to groups and play the   
who can do it better .

5.Students take photos of their cover print them and display them in the next class.
Get free table setting photo for you class.

Assessing and marking the group activity,
Students label table appointments and write a sentence about each.

Author :(soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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