Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cake Decorating

Lesson 10

Subject: Food Preparation and; Services
Unit: Entrepreneurship
Grade 9
Topic: Cake Decorating
Time : 90 minutes sessions
At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
1. Name at least three types of icing
2. List the basic ingredients for two (2) types of icing
3. Give at least three (3) rules to observe when making – royal icing, butter cream icing and glac`e
Concept: Icing is used on cakes as how dressing is used on salads. Cake must be served with a sauce or icing. A decorated cake appeals to the appetite through the eyes.
Skill: Icing making , cake decorating

Instructional Aid :
Cake decorating set, turn table, pallet knife, icing sugar shortening, egg white vanilla

Content Out line
1. Purposes of making cakes- occasions dictates the types of cakes to be made.
2. Cup cake are usually decorated on the top with small rosette.
3. Sandwich cake usually have filling between
4. A gato--- is highly decorated plain cake with fruits or special sweets added.
5. Fruit cake is usually made to last long and is usually decorated with royal icing covered with almond paste .
6. Color plays and important part in cake decoration especially in character cakes.
7. Cake must be free from crumbs before icing -use a pastry brush to brush off crumbs
8. Tools necessary for professional cake making are turn table, palette knife of various styles and sizes, mixing bowls, greased paper, cake boards.

Basic Ingredients Needed

(a) Royal Icing- icing sugar , egg white, lemon juice

(b) Butter Cream Icing- icing sugar, butter or shortening, white vanilla

(c) Glace – icing sugar and water

Rules - Royal Icing
- Egg white should be fresh and free from any trace of egg yolk must not be over beaten

- Sugar should be sifted and free from lumps

- Metal spoons should not be use. They discolor the icing.

- No grease must enter royal icing

- Best to stand for sometime so air can escape

- Cover with a damp cloth

Butter Cream Icing
- Make sure butter is properly creamed before sugar is added

- Beat icing till it peaks and look like smooth cream

- If too stiff add a table spoon of warm waterto the mixture
-There are many different types of icing: Boiled icing, glace, royal, butter cream

How to decorate
1. Separate icing that should be used for putting on decoration ( which should be a little stiffer than that which is to be used for coating).

2. Identify colors needed to color the icing for decorating

3. Place colored icing in piping bags half way full

Covering Cake-
- Put enough icing to cover top all at once. Spread all over tops from centre out to the sides without lifting the( palet knife).Cake decorating knife.

- Put enough icing on sides and turn the (turn table) table and use knife, lifting as gently as possible smooth with pallet knife or an icing comb.

- Decide on where you want the decoration and put it on. Remember borders give cakes a professional finish.


- Class and students discuss – occasions for which cakes are used.

 -Students and teacher discuss items 1-6

- Teacher shows students from books different types of iced cakes.

- Writing of recipe for royal and butter cream

- Teacher use recipe to mix butter cream icing, making sure to bring out important facts in content above.

- Students practice decoration on cake tins then do some on practice board

- When they have mastered the skills of putting on icing on cake tin and those on practice board they will put on icing on a cake.


- Icing a cake

- Answer question on the proceedure

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