Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Coffee Beans Should Be Like

Coffee beans come in different varieties and picking which one you should use for your coffee drink can be confusing. It would not harm you if you would try them all to see which one suits your taste best but you have to be careful on buying them. You should be able to identify coffee beans with quality from those who don’t have.

If you don’t want to find yourself sipping a dull and bland coffee first thing in the morning, you have to identify if your coffee beans have passed the standards. Opt for coffee beans that are fresh-looking, well-shaped and smell good at your gourmet or specialty shop.

An excellent coffee is produced when the coffee beans used were freshly roasted and freshly grinded. This fact have been already been proven by expert Coffee Makers. Ask the salesperson in a gourmet store when the coffee beans have been roasted and you can tell it from there. If you are just buying from a supermarket, you can see the packaging date of the coffee beans beneath their coffee bags.

Your coffee maker should have a grinder, just like Jura Capresso Z7 Espresso Machine, so you can grind your coffee beans at home. However, if your coffee maker does not have the capability, you can always turn to pre-ground coffee which can be bought from supermarket. Make sure you have checked the packaging date of it though to determine if it is fresh or not. The coffee bag should have a one-way valve so that carbon dioxide and gasses from the coffee are released from inside the bag without the air coming in. Fresh beans are shiny and are in good shape. Coffee beans that have broken edges or contain splinters are of poor quality so stay away from them. You are safe with coffee beans that smell good and look appealing.

When you have decided which beans to buy, make sure you’d keep them in air-tight container so they can maintain their freshness. Don’t grind them if you are not going to use them yet. Speaking of grinding, you can only do it if you have a reliable coffee machine by your side that can grind and brew coffee like Jura Capresso Z7 Espresso Machine.

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