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Learn How to Cook Gourmet Vegan Recipes and Other Great Dishes

Natural Chefs…Creating vegan and macrobiotic style cuisine, from daily meals to the healthiest gourmet fare for any special event. Signatured by their original vegan recipes that combine Patrick’s extensive French food background with Mother Nature’s wisdom, revealing delicious fusion cuisine that is truly good for you.

Macrobiotic Principles, to balance diet and lifestyle…Macrobiotic focuses on plant-based foods, organic ingredients, natural cooking techniques, the seasons and environmental influences to create balance and harmony in one’s life and the world around them. Embracing a whole foods dietary foundation to promote health, longevity and greatly enhance the body’s natural capability to self-heal.

Kundalini Yoga exercise, to equalize the mind, body type and spirit…Yoga exercise has been used for thousands of years benefiting everybody, at any age. Professionals gain a robust immune pc, important internal organs and anxious pc in addition to great circulation, general body type consciousness, increased focus and psychological well-being.

Jeanne Beveridge was born and brought up in Rochester, New York. She grew up in the kitchen area where her grandmother tutored her traditional Italian Cooking at a young age. Mary transmitted to Jeanne her enthusiasm for super food and the relevance of taking great treatment of the folks close to her.

A die-hard snowboarding admirer and outdoor lover, Jeanne has been really physically lively all through her lifestyle. Though, as she acquired years she got here to know that the elevated impact, demanding routines that had once worked her have been too strenuous and she necessary to slow down. Transitioning from a daily lifestyle of cardio and weight training to the yogic practices was a massive shift. However, she was amazed by which she discovered. She had greater strength, improved focus, increased balance, better versatility and soon after years of gaining a robust knowledge of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga exercise determined to embrace the mom of all the yoga exercise practices, Kundalini.

A practice rich with technology for the care and maintenance of the human mind, body and spirit.Several years ago, she switched from the standard American diet and lifestyle to the Macrobiotic Way. Influenced by a great need in her home for healing, she embraced the practice. Witnessing first hand the amazing rejuvenation power of the human body.

Patrick Grosset was born in the small village of Megeve, France, raised with the love and support of his mother and sister. In the traditional lifestyle of the French Alps, he enjoyed the natural foods provided by the forest and home garden. The connection between food and the world around him was instilled at a young age.

Learn How To Prepare Vegan Soup Recipes

He started his kitchen experience in a small establishment packed with the tourist crowd in his early teenage years. His gourmet cooking foundation was then formed in French art of cuisine on the nearby Lake of Annecy, where he studied for many years.

Traveling to many parts of the world he has labored together facet greats cooks and cooks of Europe, the Carribbean and Florida. Motivated by the readings of Michio Kushi, doing so chef determined to take super food to the next level. Embracing the knowledge of the correct supremacy of nature, he attended the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts to study and get a Macrobiotic chef and teacher.

Fusing years of experience in the restaurant world with the traditional practices has given Patrick the knowledge to produce original quality recipes that are not only healthy and balanced for you but are additionally connoisseur fare. The very best of both worlds.

Patrick cooks vegan/macrobiotic meals in the comfort of people homes, creating balanced menus for the whole family. Teaching simple and delicious recipes in various classes and workshops in health food stores and privately, he provides the tricks for busy people to manage a whole foods kitchen in the real world.

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