Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gaining In Popularity Are Morrocan Tagines And Food

If you're feeling bored with the every day food that you've been eating, you might want to think about trying something absolutely new. Nowadays, Morrocan tagines and cuisine are rising in popularity as folks get even more adventurous in their diet habits.

Great Kitchen Pot

If you should chance to enjoy cooking, your kitchen will not be complete without these cooking tagines. Do not forget that there are two different types of Morrocan tagines. There are the ones that people use to prepare the traditional Moroccan dishes and there are the ones that are called serving tagines. As the name suggests, serving tagines are only intended for serving not for cooking. So you must be sure of which one you are purchasing. If your kitchen already has masses of cooking pots, you might need to think about getting yourself a middle-sized Morrocan tagine cooking pot.

Different Cooking Process

Now the important thing about Morrocan cuisine is they are famous for their lamb stew. Naturally if you are a vegan, you can still cook up a tempest of vegetarian dishes that will blow everyone away. Actually you can substitute the beef for chicken, fish, mutton, whichever that you are feeling like having on that day. You may be entertained at the weird shape of an authentic Morrocan tagine cooking pot when you firs see it. Nonetheless it's the cone-shaped cover that helps to seal in the juices of the meat or vegetable that you cook. The cooking process is slow as steam that rises will condense at the top of the cover so that the stew will not dry up after a few hours in the stove or on the burner.

Enjoy Hosting Family And Friends

Naturally when you plan on cooking a Morrocan dish, it'd be great to invite loved ones to come join you. Authentic Morrocan dishes are customarily shared along with bread but you can always improvise depending on your culinary taste. You could even prepare some couscous that will go very well with the stew together with some freshly baked bread. And if you are very into Morrocan culture, you might also prepare some fresh mint tea which your guests will find truly wonderful to go with the dish that you have prepared.


So don't be surprised that plenty of people are now desiring to try out some lovely Morrocan cuisine by getting themselves some Morrocan tagines. Once you've tried their dishes, you may actually enjoy the various cultural taste and experience. Happy cooking!

  • Cooking tagines is a different process
  • There are serving and cooking tagines
  • Morrocan tagines are great to have


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