Friday, September 2, 2011

High Fiber Foods Containing FOS Provide More Benefits For A Healthy Body

Most health food fans do not realize that they need to consume high fiber foods with FOS. What is it, why do you need it, and where can you procure it?

FOS is the customary acronym for “fructooligosaccharide”. These are complex carbohydrates, or sugars that are found naturally in high fiber foods such as barley, rye, chicory root, and onions. One valuable characteristic of FOS is that it helps the body generate its' own beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. This is what is referred to as a probiotic. It's the opposite of an antibiotic, which not only eradicates the injurious bacteria in the digestive system but may also wipe out some of the wholesome bacteria that you must have in your gut.

One reason you need high fiber foods with fructooligosaccharide on a regular basis is to prompt the increase of beneficial bacteria, such as Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Faccium. Another is to assimilate nutrients from everything you consume more efficiently. Most high fiber foods just brush the intestinal walls, but FOS also aids digestion by helping to maximize assimilation of nutrients through the intestinal walls. In addition, you may be able to curb bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels by trapping fat and cholesterol in the intestinal tract, so they can be washed away more efficiently with other high fiber foods.

FOS is useful to assist in the assimilation of complex carbohydrates, making them longer lasting, which is useful for generating more energy as well as blood sugar control and a decrease in cravings for sweets. Fructooligosaccharide from high fiber foods can help diminish yeast infections, Candida, or bloating and provide a natural way to treat symptoms of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or lactose intolerance. Another thing to realize about FOS is that it is being used in all natural, low calorie sweetener substitutes to replace artificial sweeteners and processed sugar.

How do you get FOS in your diet on a frequent basis? Eat an adequate number of high fiber foods such as onions, leeks, barley, and garlic. However, these are not the kinds of foods that the normal person eats regularly enough to thoroughly experience the benefits of fructooligosaccharide. Luckily, with today's advanced high fiber foods there are ways to procure this worthwhile substance without consuming so many weird foods. Search the Internet for all natural fiber drinks and fiber bars that include FOS in the ingredients list.

You won't uncover these advanced FOS sources in average retail supermarkets or health food stores, but they are readily found online. Examine additional ways to get fructooligosaccharide and experience for yourself the benefits of this essential nutrient from high fiber foods.

Author Cliff Everett Smith is Manager of, an Internet health food store that has lots of information about concentrated high fiber foods and fiber drinks with FOS.

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