Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ice Cream Is A Warm Weather Favorite

As a kid, the summer months came with many enjoyable pastimes and happy childhood memories. Some include going to the beach to make sand castles or to swim, riding bikes with good friends and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. As a whole, summer was the ultimate season as a kid: no school, a later bedtime, and the ability to sleep in.

Summertime was also the season where on those warm days, nothing tasted better than a popsicle or ice cream bar. One particular difference that sticks out in my mind regarding the neighborhood I spent my childhood years in was that we had a guy who pushed an ice cream cart rather than driving a truck around. The cart had bells attached to the handles that you could only hear once he had turned the corner to your street. As a child, I found the ice cream cart to be superior to the truck, it was easier to catch, there was no need to run after the cart loudly yelling “STOP!” and you did not have to listen to those annoying songs playing from poor quality speakers.

The ice cream cart possessed all the positive aspects of the truck and more. Working as the ice cream cabinet itself, the cart was the only piece of equipment needed for business operations. For the cost side of the business, there was no need to take into account gasoline or even costly vehicle maintenance, and also whoever pushed the cart had the luxury of being a one-man show, a real entrepreneur in his or her neighborhood.

In addition to going swimming, riding bikes and playing outdoors during the months of summer, kids also love one particular thing, ice cream. Whether or not it came from an ice cream cart or truck, after a warm day spent playing outdoors, a frozen treat topped the day off better than anything else could.

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