Monday, December 12, 2011

Bee Keeping: Everything That You Will Want To Find Out

It is very rewarding to start bee keeping. Aside from the joy of keeping them, you will be rewarded, if properly taken care of, with free honey. The honey that you will get from them are fresh. Pure honey is always more tasty and sweet compared to commercialized ones that you usually see in supermarkets. Commercial honey tends to have less quality because they were manufactured to become more profitable by adding more ingredients to the actual honey.

Venturing into bee keeping is not as scary as many have perceived. This is actually safe if you know how to take care of them properly. In a bee colony, you will notice that bees have three several kinds. The workers, the queen and the drones. The workers are the ones who work without rest. The queen produces new baby bees that may turn into many more workers, most probably one more queen and around 500 more drones. Drones are the bees that fly around a hive to mate with the queen so she can further increase her egg production.

To be effective in bee keeping, the location on where you are going to pace the hive should be in an area where there are flowers so that they can have their needed supply of pollen and nectar. The hive must be secured and should be sheltered so as to prevent heavy wind blows from blowing them away; this can also protect them from rain which might destroy the hive. Choose an area that allows them to fly around without having to disrupt other individuals in the neighborhood. Keep in mind that not all people can tolerate the presence of bees. Placing them distant from human contact can also ensure safety. Do not forget to place a water supply nearby for your bees so they won't need to go far to fetch water.

Fresh honey is what you are going to reap afterwards if you tend to your bees with care. Remember to not threaten honey bees so that they won't attack you. Place them in a discrete place so as not to disturb the neighbourhood. If they are scared and kill a bee, chances are other drone bees might attack them. For safety purposes, do not place the bees close enough to the neighborhood. It is not difficult to start bee keeping if you are informed about the things that you need to know.

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