Thursday, December 15, 2011

Phonic Lesson Plans Make Easy Learning

Nowadays , phonics is one popular system of teaching youngsters the correct way to read and write in English. It is one effective way of teaching English sounds as well as the link between the letter patterns and how they sound when declared. Proper phonic lesson plans are critical to implement this exciting and fun way ( for youngsters ) of learning.

Obviously, phonic lesson plans will lay down the foundations to better prep your kid in learning the way to read. With the early introduction to phonics, a kid has a definite early lead in literacy and further data afforded with being able to read.

Lesson plan

The 1st order of a good phonic lesson plans shall be exercises ( phonics worksheets ) for letter recognition. This is to make sure that the young learners are able to identify the actual letters of the alphabet for them to learn the letter sounds.

Once the learners have been introduced to the letters, you need to show them the sounds. The lesson plan should thus include the phonic sound worksheets.

Care must be taken that these worksheets should contain all of the twenty-six letters, 44 phonemes, 120 graphemes and all the 43 phonics rules of English. The digraphs and the synthetic phonics must also be included.
Analysis of Phonic Lesson Plans

There are several issues when judging phonic lesson plans, particularly those online . You need to ask questions relevant to these lesson plans as it is related to the children you are going to teach ( their ages, their backgrounds, their concentration span lengths ).

Would the phonic lesson plans be creative in such a fashion they are interactive and supportive to the efforts of the kid learners? Would the phonic lesson plans use a selection of strategies ( textual, visual, audio ) in the teaching of phonics?

Does the lesson plan provide many chances for the children to not just learn but in addition to practice, play, and repeat what they have learned? This is important because it is through hearing and seeing the child will conceptualize on his very own these phonics lessons for later use in the exterior world.
Teaching form of Phonic Lesson Plans

There is a agreement that phonics perhaps difficult to learn. However , with the right tack ( and the right phonics lesson plan ), phonics can be made easy for the young English language learners.

With this in mind, the English phonics teacher would do well to use well-structured phonics lesson plans that include info on phonics rules and patterns. Mostly, the usual phonics lesson plans use either the outlined phonics worksheets or the audio tapes.

In all cases, these strategies do not let the kid learners see the letters and hear their sounds simultaneously. This is one cause of trouble in learning the phonics.

Fun pastime

For the teacher, phonic lesson plans can make learning phonics a fun activity. In turn, this approach had been shown to make the lessons easier to learn for the children.

Some of the better phonic lesson plansavailable online feature fascinating childrens songs, exciting stories, interactive games and crafts. All these are geared to help the kids learn English letters and their sounds. They even provide MP3s and printable worksheets.

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