Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple tips to Cook with Greek Yogurt

For anyone who is into traditional Greek dishes, and they are prepared to try your luck with the cooking a few of them, one of the most important ingredients that you will want to understand how to use is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a staple in lots of authentic Greek foods and dips. So what is Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is richer and creamier than traditional yogurt and adds body to dips. If you opt to bake with Greek yogurt, you will definitely find out your fillings are silky and indulgent and also that your crust are golden brown and moist.

Greek yogurt can be used an alternative choice to sour cream, cream cheese or ricotta cheese. A lot of people want to eat Greek yogurt alone for breakfast or with cereal. A conventional method to eat Greek yogurt is with honey and nuts. Those that intend to eat yogurt with fruit are encouraged to try Greek yogurt with foods that are salty. In Mediterranean dishes, yogurt is very served commonly with vegetables and meats.

If you're in search of one or two quick techniques to incorporate Greek yogurt into you menu, here are a couple of suggestions. The next time which you are planning to serve a pasta dish, versus serving it with an authentic marinara or cheese sauce, why don't you try topping it by using a Greek yogurt mixture. Mix a few cloves of pressed garlic along with a teaspoon of salt in a single cup of Greek yogurt. It makes a delicious creamy topping that could be excellent for all pasta, especially ravioli.

As an alternative to using mayonnaise or sour cream within your favorite dip, use Greek yogurt in its place for getting a healthy low fat option that won't alter the flavor of your dip.When you are preparing a recipe that would involve one to cook the Greek yogurt, just be sure that you never overcook it. It will not likely affect the flavor of our yogurt, however it will curdle and your dish will become very unattractive in a appearance.

Another way that you can employ Greek yogurt that many people don't even think about, is when you happen to be running low on milk or need a milk substitute completely in your smoothie. The richness and tangy taste that the Greek yogurt has will give your beverage more of a kick than regular milk.When you are new to Greek cuisine or trying anything new in the kitchen, Greek yogurt is a great healthy replacement for creams, traditional yogurt and mayonnaise. If you ever have had a gyro sandwich and wondered what the white sauce that is on it was made of, the actual answer Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a great thing to combine in to your cooking for taste and health reasons.

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