Monday, December 5, 2011

What Is Greek Yogurt - It's a Tastier and More healthy Alternative

Greek Yogurt is basically strained yogurt. This yogurt is constructed from hanging normal yogurt inside of a muslin cloth to get rid of the water from it. The resulting yogurt is free from whey and also has a thicker consistency.

Such strained variety of yogurt is utilized in many preparations and also for preparing food several dishes: both sweet and savory. The fact that this yogurt won't curdle at high temperatures, can make it more favorable for preparing food when compared with normal yogurt. The phrase Greek Yogurt has become popular on account of marketing by a Greek company Fage. This yogurt is actually a staple in Greek cooking, though not exclusively for it; several countries within the Mediterranean region as well as those within other international locations use this sort of yogurt in their dishes.
Beneficial for health

Low fat forms of this strained yogurt are gaining immense popularity as a breakfast item in Europe and US. The fact that it is high in protein content and low in sugar and carbohydrates improves its charm! The expansion in the $4 million yogurt industry could possibly be attributed to this fact. Today, it's viewed as a fantastic source of protein for toddlers and babies and not to mention for those working to shed those unwanted pounds.

How is it made?

Greek Yogurt, traditionally, is produced with sheep’s milk though using cow’s milk is additionally a popular practice. The milk is boiled to cut back water content and many times powdered milk or butterfat are added together to enrich its thickness. This milk is now treated to a culture and after that allowed to sit in muslin or cheesecloth for eight to ten hours. The end result a product having the consistency between cheese and curd/yogurt.

COSTLIER Than Normal Yogurt

Compared to its unconstrained sibling, this strained variety of yogurt costs more, as more milk goes in its production. The truth is, lots of individuals are now resorting to making it at home to save money.

Not Merely Just for Greece

The Greeks often add honey or syrup to this strained yogurt to produce desserts .It is also the concept to get a savory dip in which it is mixed with cucumbers, olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic to generate a yummy dip for pita bread.

What is Greek yogurt, however, are not just limited to Greece or Mediterranean dishes. In India, such strained yogurt is utilized in manufacture of a sweet dish called “Shrikhand” where the yogurt, after removal of whey, is mixed with sugar, saffron; nuts etc. It is a dish popular in western regions of India and it is often made during festivals.

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