Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Eat Right And Stay Fit

In our general approach to life, we folks don't concentrate on the way in which we eat. So eat at irregular times and in irregular quantity which further damages our bowels and therefore to our health. In order to stay fit we must concentrate and think about what and how should we eat and also to the items which should be evaded. These are some health tips in order to enjoy health and have excellent weight control.

Never multitask :
A person must not do multiple activities along with having your meal. Often folks make it a confirmed habit of watching TV or reading paper while having their food, which makes them pay little attention toward their food and to portion control and they won't be well placed to find out when they started to fell full, and this further impedes the gut and leads to over eating. And also this eating along with doing some task like for say eating while watching TV will soon become a habit, and whenever the individual watch TV, he can dropped like being hungry and make him eat some sort of nibbles and hence causes overeating.

Have your food at a particular place :
Somebody must try to have his food only at a particular part of his house like the kitchen table, dinner table etc, and do not eat it in other parts of the house like bedroom, living room etc, as it can end up in developing the wrong habit of overeating. Reduce size of dishes:Studies have confirmed that a person consumes comparatively large quantity of food when served in larger implements and dishes in comparison to the littler one. So in order to avoid overeating and for an excellent weight reduction, we will use small dishes to serve food.

Salad and soup for a start :
An individual can enjoy a plant salad or a small soup bowl before a meal. So as to edge off the appetite the individual can have a soup bowl and it will work for him. Since plant salad is composed of large amount of fiber, it will make you avoid overeating later on .

Keep second food out of the way :
Though you know that you are going to possibly be going to have the second one too , like in the case of bread, still you should not put both the pieces onto your plate at the same time. You first put one piece have it, and then only reconsider that do you really need to eat the other piece or not, and then put it in your pate, but if you have recently put it in your plate, it has already been done, and you may certainly have it and that will lead straight to overeating.

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