Monday, January 30, 2012

Spend Only Two Minutes To Make The Best Coffee

Tips To Serve Delicious Coffee In 2 Minutes

For coffee-drinkers, life without coffee would be unimaginable. Most of us start our day with the taste and aroma of hot coffee in the cool early morning. This blend of black, hot coffee is the perfect start of our day. Imagine your mood with the best coffee that you simply make in just two minutes! Stay tuned in to the article, to know making the best coffee in two minutes.

Pay attention to the packaging information of your coffee. If you prefer more aroma and flavor, chose coffee with a light roast; whereas if you prefer a pinch of bitter coffee, choose dark roasted coffee. It is important that you select the appropriate coffee for your perfect start of the day! You need to use fresh coffee, like within a week; otherwise it begins losing its taste. Boil the water to your coffee at around 88-93 degrees and don’t reheat it. If you're not dieting, then you can use full fat milk in your coffee. Bingo!

This makes up the ingredients. All you want to do now is-
-Boil (preferably filtered) water or drinking tap water along with sugar. When boiled together, they intensify the bond.
-Cool this mixture for a few seconds.
-If you want your coffee to look like the “Espresso”, add 3-4 drops of water to the beans and strongly stir this mixture in your cup.
-Then pour the water into the cup, followed by milk.

There you go! Within two minutes, you have got the best tasting coffee!

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