Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ever Heard Of Low Carb Desserts?

Sugar is one of the foods that people always crave! In fact, we all seem to be biologically predestined to crave it. Sugar was in short supply during prehistoric times, so anytime people came across fruits containing sugar, they gobbled them up like manna from heaven. However, that's not the case any more. Because of the ready and steady supply of sweets, cakes and the like, we have all the sugar we need. TOO MUCH, actually. Avoiding sugar is now next to impossible.

Low carb diets are specifically targeted for people who want to avoid sugar and lose weight at the same time. But it's difficult to cut out all those sweet foods that you've been eating all your life, especially those great tasting cookies and cakes! That is the reason why low carb desserts are integrated into low carb diets. This will cause you to reach for that yummy healthy cookie that has no sugar, instead of that chocolate chip one that is practically screaming "SUGAR!!"

You're probably amazed right now and wondering if this could possibly be true! Low carb desserts are not a myth; it's here! They can be eaten any time, anywhere. Low carb muffins and cookies can be the perfect afternoon snack while at work. They can easily be made, and packing them in small containers or ziplock bags is a breeze. Use ziplock bags or small containers, and you can easily bring them along while travelling. I also enjoy eating low carb snacks on trips.

So where can you get low carb desserts? Desserts and other food items that are reasonably low in carb are now being sold in many places; however, low carb desserts are still a rarity in most stores. Homemade low carb desserts are the way to go then. The recipes are very similar to normal dessert recipes and usually just requiring a bit of mixing and baking in the oven. That way you'll know what goes into your desserts and that it's fresh and healthy.

You might wonder, then, how low carb desserts can still be sweet despite not having sugars. The trick is to use artificial sweeteners instead. These are safe zero calorie and zero carb alternatives to sugar, honey and agave. They usually taste just like sugar, especially in baked goods. The selection of various artificial sweeteners being sold these days is so vast that you won't have problems about running low on them. Sucralose, the main ingredient found in Splenda, is a favorite of many. I've found it to taste like sugar and to be easy to use. There have been no substantiated health issues reported about the product, which isn't surprising since it is almost the same chemical structure as sugar!

Since flour can't be used in baking low carb desserts, the use of a few special ingredients will be called for. Common alternatives to flour are flaxseed meal and coconut flour. Coconut is great for low carb dieters. Aside from being delicious, coconut contains healthy fats and is low on carbohydrates. Low carb baking recipes often make use of desiccated coconut and coconut milk as one of the ingredients because of their health benefits. For the same reason, nuts are also good to include in your cookies and cakes. Do not be surprised when you see the many cookies and chips nowadays made from almond or peanut butter.

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