Saturday, March 31, 2012

Your Low Carb Breakfast Food Options

Waking up and immediately thinking what to eat for breakfast, isn't really a walk in the park. Being creative can be quite a challenge when you can barely open your eyes. Therefore, planning ahead of time what you should prepare for your low carb breakfast foods is advised.

Easy storage after cooking is one of the many advantages of food items such as low carb muffins and other low carb desserts. In fact, they can last several days and can be great for breakfasts on the go. When you don't have time to eat at home you can simply grab them from the fridge, and take them to the office with you.

Other foods that you can prepare in advance include pancakes. Use coconut flour to make those amazing coconut pancakes that you can store in the fridge. Once they are ready to be eaten, you can simply heat them up and serve them with sugar free syrup or butter. It is not at all complicated to prepare these pancakes. Just put some eggs, butter, and vanilla extract to coconut flour. Then cook in a frying pan until golden. Adding some coconut cream would make the pancake fluffier and softer.

Squash egg pancake is another great alternative. Just add some coconut flour to grated squash or zucchini and some eggs.Then flavor the batter with hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. What you'll end up with is a tangy delicious pancake!

If you have time to cook in the mornings, then you might want to experiment with scrambles, omelets and egg bakes. These are all relatively easy to prepare. If you are even more adventurous, you can try out many different variations of them. There are times when simple omelets and scrambles are added with mushrooms and onions. Bacon is also sometimes added to add flavor. You should give your creativity free rein, though. Leeks add a lot of flavor. Adding some splash of color won't be a bad thing, either, so you can add squash and broccoli. Then there are lots of meats that can be added too ranging from chicken to procuitto.

Egg bakes are just as easy to make. You can start by cooking vegetables like spinach with some salt, onions and garlic. The cooked vegetable will then be topped with cracked egg. Then place the entire skillet into the oven to bake until the egg is done. Depending on how cooked you want your eggs, you can bake it in varying time periods.

Those who want their breakfast quick and easy to prepare, low carb cereals are a good way to go. These can be store bought or made with some simple ingredients. Adding hot water to flax meal and almond butter would make great low carb cereals. To top it off and create a hearty and healthy breakfast, just add some sugar free syrup or flavoring.

Aside from all those mentioned, you can still take your pick from a wide selection of low carb breakfast foods. As you try more and more recipes, you will slowly discover what foods you enjoy and which you don't. Soon, cooking breakfast will be easy peasy!

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