Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cut Down On Your Sugar Intake

It's early in the morning. You have to get the kids out of bed. You also have to get dressed. Then you have to figure what to feed the kids and yourself before they are late for school and you are late for work. It seems almost like an impossible task! That's when cereal comes in handy, especially a low carb cereal.

It's not wise to start your day loaded with too much sugar. Protein and healthy fat is what your breakfast meal should contain. If you don't, you will find yourself starving after just an hour. Those who haven't eaten the proper breakfast will end up snacking on sugar, causing them to gain excess fats and weight. That's another reason why you should start the day with a low carb breakfast cereal.

Sugar makes us tired as well as hungrier faster. Sugar raises our blood sugar levels and then drops them after about 20minutes. Sugary foods will cause the body to increase the production of insulin just so the excess sugar will be neutralized. The body has developed its own defense mechanism against high blood sugar, recognizing the potential threat and danger it poses. However when your sugar drops very low, you start feeling tired. It's like you're having an afternoon nap, only it is happening in the morning. You cannot hope to accomplish much at work if you arrive there feeling sleepy.

So what should you eat for breakfast? Low sugar breakfast cereals have been mentioned. You'd be lucky if you can actually get your hands on one. Sadly they are not very easy to find. But many people have already established an affinity for sweets and sugar that they won't even pay mind to the possibility of going on a low sugar diet. What they do is eat a lot of sugared cereals that causes them to become sleepy most of the time; thus, they drink a lot of coffee to battle sleepiness and, in the process, gain weight. You do not want to turn like that. You may not be able to find any of those sugar-free cereals, but there are other breakfast foods you can try that are low in sugar content.

Eggs are very good to eat for breakfast. Protein-rich, their yolks have a lot of good fats. You can boil some in advance and keep them in the fridge. You can simply take one or two eggs when you're rushing in the morning. If you have more time, I suggest adding some salt to the eggs to add some extra flavor. So what if they are not traditional? They are still suitable for breakfast meals!

Another great alternative for breakfast is low carb pancake. Similarly, they can be made in advance and kept in the fridge. Then just heat in the microwave in the morning and eat with some low sugar syrup or sugar free syrup.

Protein shakes are often neglected because they seem to be something that weight lifters drink. That's not the case though! Everyone can get its benefits. In the morning, you can very easily prepare this low-calorie drink. Two minutes, tops, and you have this simple meal ready! You don't need to know how to cook even. Just mix protein powder with water or milk and blend in a blender.

Do not be stressed out over breakfast. There are plenty of low sugar options for you to try. Not only are they easy and quick to prepare, they are also very good for your health. You and your family will be on your way to wellness and good health!

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