Friday, April 20, 2012

How The Low Carb Pizza Came Into Existence

Pizza has been around for ages, and it's something that we all love. Even those on a low carb diet admit to the pizza being their only indulgence. To date, I am wondering what it is about a slice of pizza that gets this much devotion and loyalty from people. Maybe it's just the copious amounts of cheese or maybe it's the tomato sauce. It works, though, whatever it is. One way to deal with all that temptation then is to create a low carb pizza pie.

The concept of low carb pizza is quite hard to put a handle on despite the many yummy low carb recipes out there. What's perhaps so amazing about this low carb pizza is just how delicious it is! You would have a hard time telling the difference between this pizza and your regular pizza! To make it even better, you can add your favorite toppings, such as basil, pepperoni and sausages.

Pizza and its derivatives have been around for centuries. Pizza was originally a flatbread. Then people gradually started adding more and more ingredients to the bread to make it more flavorful. Soon, even oil was added as toppings. It has its roots in the Mediterranean where people still love to eat focaccia and other types of flavored flatbread. When tomatoes were added to the pizza, it really began to take off. Despite misgivings about tomatoes since they were believed to be poisonous, people still took to the delicious and flavorful taste of this vegetable fruit. Naples became the heart of this pizza revolution. In fact, it became so popular that people from other countries would flock there just to eat it! Big names and authors have documented the history of the pizza. Those few Italians who want to keep their pizzas 'pure' have the option of adding either tomato sauce or marinara sauce. Other toppings only came about later.

With such a rich history, there is no wonder why a lot of people are enamored with pizza. Unfortunately, there have been studies that prove pizzas are not as healthy as other types of food. It has reached 'deadly' status, no thanks to the combination of carbohydrates from the crust, fats from the cheese and protein from the meat toppings.

We are all very concerned about our health today. Perhaps you've wondered how Italians manage to stay so lean and thin despite consuming pizzas for a long time. There are many ways to answer that. First, they are genetically made to have builds like that, plus they exercise more than Americans do. Also, their portion sizes are much smaller, and they don't eat pizza every single day! Pizza may be popular in Italy, but it is not the only dish they have. Although they eat pasta and bread, they do not overeat and only consume enough. Italian food, as we know it, is not actually what Italians eat.

Since it is clear that we won't be able to give up pizza any time in the future, we have to find other ways to deal with this fondness. Which explains why low carb pizza is considered invaluable. It allows us to fully savor our favorite foods without fear that it would bring harm to our health. Pizza enjoyment couldn't get any better than this!

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