Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To Make Healthy Kettle Corn At Your Residence

Everyone loves tasty kettle corn or at least the vast majority of folks do. However, if you just can't wait till the following yearly county fair in your local region in which you can buy excellent tasting kettle corn, why not make your very own? Yes, you can make a very good one all by oneself. You just want to adhere to a couple of basic actions on how to cook kettle corn popcorn at home.

One of the major factors why folks just really like tasty kettle corn is simply because of its sweet taste. Properly, there is not actually a lot of a variation in creating the normal popcorn. All you require to add to the list is sugar. So to start with, you will have to heat at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of vegetable or cooking oil and melt up 1 fourth cup of margarine or butter in a pot best for popping corn. Make certain the heat is set to a medium level. Next, pour an amount of popcorn kernels enough to cover the pot's bottom. Cover it up and have the pot slid back and forth repeatedly in order to avoid the popcorns from burning.

In a couple of minutes, you should be ready to notice a distinct smell of real popcorn even when the kernels haven't popped yet. This will also signify that it is time for you to add some sugar. So, quickly take away the lid and pour sugar evenly. Cover it back with the lid and have the pot slid back and forth again. Soon enough, the kernels will start to pop in which you will have to lower the heating level of your burner and go on with sliding the pot again back and forth.

When the popping sounds start to slow down, that indicates it is time for you to settle them to your favourite bowl at last. Ahead of undertaking so, make sure you toss up the popcorn carefully just so the sweet coating will be dispersed evenly. Once you've lastly emptied all of the popcorn into the bowl, quickly sprinkle it with salt before the coating dries up in a couple of moments. Voila! You can now dig in to your homemade kettle corn.

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