Thursday, April 19, 2012

Low Sugar Cereal? For Real?

Our health is the single most important thing we have. If there is someone who should protect it, it is us. You really can't expect food manufacturers to put our health before their profits. You will be shocked at how much they add sugar to everything, including desserts and tomato sauces. Is it any wonder why diabetes and obesity are so prevalent nowadays?

One thing you could do to stay healthy is to take the measures necessary to cut down your sugar intake. This isn't as difficult as it might seem. You only need to assess everything that you eat by checking out their sugar content as indicated in their labels. For example, instead of your sugary cereals, you could instead buy no sugar cereal. These items can be found readily and in large amounts in many supermarkets and grocery stores. However, they are often not well labelled and so you have to peruse the ingredients list and the nutritional information label to make sure that what you are buying isn't harmful.

One important point you should pay attention to is the food coloring used. Those artificial flavoring products are also a cause for concern. For example, low carb cereal may have food coloring in them! MSG has often been associated with cancer and other health problems. Additionally, it can make you eat more than you should and dehydrate you. Foods that contains natural flavoring on their food labels often contain MSG in disguise. Keep an eye out for them so you'll know what to avoid.

Another thing you can avoid in order to cut back on carbs and sugar is that sugary drink you love so much. This includes sodas and other soft drinks. Even those teas and flavored waters have added sugars. That is precisely the reason they appeal to your palate. However, you don't need that extra added sugar! They can add calories to your diet, thereby ruining it and your health as well. After all, these empty calories provide no nutritional value at all. You will find no amino acids, vitamins or even minerals in sugar. They will do nothing for your weight loss programs since, for starters, they make you hungry frequently. That should definitely put you off them for good.

Healthy foods are a way to a healthy body. The healthiest foods are those that are unprocessed and have natural ingredients. Meats and vegetables are generally not subjected to any processing. You should try to stay away from sausages and other processed meats. Vegetables are also great and comes in a lot of variety. Although fruits have sugar content, they are excellent especially when the skin is also eaten. The high fiber skin is responsible for the absorption of the sugar content. Drinking fruit juices is akin to drinking pure sugar water. They are not good for you despite the fact that they taste good.

Breads also have sugar content. Actually, even if they do not contain sugar, breads are still not too advisable. The wheat is highly processed and usually then bleached to make flour. There are hardly any nutrients in wheat as it is. So bread is mostly just empty calories.

Then there are, obviously, the desserts. Nowadays, there are a lot of sugar-free desserts for sale. They may be more beneficial than those desserts you normally eat. They don't have any sugar content at all. That sets back your calorie intake a long way. But keep in mind that wheat and other grain products are still the main ingredients in these desserts. Again, this means you are eating empty pointless calories. The calories will be giving you energy. So instead of using up your already full supply of energy, they'll use the calories in that dessert. As a result, you will be left with more fat.

You should cut out on sugar in order to lead a more healthy life. It is always going to be difficult when you start, but once you get the hang of it, you're all set! That is one lifestyle change you won't ever be sorry for.

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