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Ice Round Mold - Ice Round Maker - Creates 3 Massive, 2.5

The basic problem with the silicone ice ball molds is filling them with water to hatch a perfect sphere ice ball until now. 99 % of the ice ball dies on the market have no water fill line mark on them and are manufactured from cheaper thinner substances that can drip water. This makes a distorted ice sphere that will not come out round and made most people mad. Today the solution is here with the invention of the much needed water filling line mark right on the top half of the ice sphere molds. Absolutely no guesstimating is involved in filling the ice rounds with water any more. And the ice sphere will emerge perfect each time without guesstimating.

Ice ball maker

The next trouble to deal with is the trickling around the top half of the ice ball and the bottom half. Whenever using a 100 % silicone ice mold for molding sphere ice rounds many folks believed that they are spilling. Part of the problems were bad manufacturing companies that had no quality controls in place. The other issue is not observing the instructions on the box or some had no instructions whatsoever. This headache is licked utilizing quality control people in manufacturing and obeying the instructions on how to use. It comes down to having no water or anything in the sealing place of the top and bottom halves before filling with water.

All these difficulties are all eliminated with modified materials as well as better tooling of the casts.

Ice Sphere Tech is the one and only ice sphere mold that solves 2 of the main issues plus a 3rd issue of the ice sticking to the mold. 100 % silicone is non stick different from plastic molds where the ice ball will stick like crazy. Ice Sphere Tech has the only non stick food grade FDA confirmed thick silicone ice mold that releases the ice ball really easy every single time. The water fill mark on top is exclusive to the triple ice ball mold only. It is one of a kind with leak proof seals produced special for this mold exclusively.

This ice mold produces 3 ice rounds at a time enough for a minimum of 9 drinks. Each ice ball lasts over 1 hour at a room temp of 70 degrees.

A Simple Solution To Your Ice Ball Sticking And Leaking Problems! 100 % Natural Silicone Is Non Stick That Frees The Ice Ball Clean Quick And Easy. Silicone is a tremendously heavy-duty rubbery substance.

The Ice Ball Is created for Whiskey And Mixed Cocktail Drinkers Who| Don't Like Watered Down Drinks. Can Be Used In Any Other Drinks As Well And Adds A Lot Of Fun. This Ice Ball Maker Will Not Cost You Hundreds Of Dollars

A Big Advantage Is It's Really Thin At 2.5" Wide & Tall And 8.500" Long To Definitely Save Room In The Fridge freezer / Features A See Through Silicone With Water Fill Line / One Of A Kind Design Creates 3 Large 2.5" Ice Balls
- Makes 3 Ice Balls At A Time
- FDA Approved Silicone And Makes 3 Massive - 2.5" Diameter Ice Balls.
- Each Mold Forms A Perfect Leak-Free Seal.
- Most Other Similar Ice Ball Molds Will Leak But Not This New High Quality Water Sealing Design.
- Some Complain Of Leaking At The Seal Between The Top Half And Bottom But This New Design Will Not Leak.
- This Will Not Leak As Long As The Seal Is Completely dry Prior to Filling With Water.
- The Ice Balls Are Excellent For Any Guests Or Bash You May Have And Ads Something Exciting And Special For Your Friends.
- This Is In no way A Cirrus Ice Ball Maker At $429.00 (2" Ice Ball) - $1,099.00 (2 3/4" Ice Ball), Or A Macallen At $987.54 (2.5" Ice Ball) But A More Budget-friendly High Quality Solution.

It's So Easy, The Only Thing You Need Is Water. Reserve Yours Right now Before The Price Increases. One-Of A-Kind Creation That Is Not Found In Stores. Experience The Thrill And Be The Talk Of The Party With 2-1/2" Round Ice Balls In Your Drinks. Your Pals Will All Ask You How To Make Them And Will Want To See Just how You Make Them. Join (Hundreds, Thousands, Millions) Of Others Who Enjoy This Ice Ball Mold And Get Your Own Now Before These Sell Out

ice ball maker

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