Monday, October 14, 2013

I Was Not Aware That You Could Make Grilled Bacon

I definitely like eating bacon. I actually eat bacon three to four times per week for breakfast as well as on top of different meals like grilled burgers. In some way I stumbled across this video and I cannot believe that as a bacon fan, I never ever understood that you can barbecue bacon. The concept certainly makes good sense, however I never ever became aware of anybody doing it prior to seeing this video.

As quickly as I completed seeing this video, I needed to go out and attempt grilling bacon myself. I followed the steps exactly like they did in this video. Due to the fact that I didn't desire my bacon to burn on the grill, I likewise went with thick cuts of bacon instead of thinner bacon slices. This is now my outright favorite bacon recipe. Grilled bacon tastes much better than any other means to cook bacon. The taste is a lot more flavorful and the grill gives the bacon an added smoky taste to it that you just can not seem to obtain in a pan or in the microwave.

I feel like grilled bacon is among those things that once you attempt it, you can never ever eat bacon cooked any other means once again. It's that excellent, trust me. Due to the fact that they opened my eyes to a whole new world of bacon eating, thanks to this company Cave Tools for making this remarkable how to barbecue bacon video!

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