Monday, August 18, 2014

StarPack's Silicone Baking Set Demonstration Of Uses Video

This fantastic brief video shows all the various uses for this 5 piece silicone baking set from StarPack. The set has 2 silicone baking mats, 2 silicone spatulas and a silicone basting brush. What I truly enjoy about this video is that it demonstrates that silicone bakeware is not always used for baking, and likewise it is not only for making sweet dishes!


This is quite a departure from most silicone bakeware companies who just emphasize the sweet desserts and pastries that one can make relatively easily with silicone products.

However the clip plainly shows savory applications like using the spatulas to flip a large portion of salmon, which then gets put onto a baking mat and into the oven to finish cooking. This is important since one of the major benefits that makers of silicone products advertise is their healthy qualities in not requiring oils and sprays. Clearly cutting down on unnecessary oils and fats is preferable but you could not argue sugar-filled pastries are exactly 'healthy'.

Anyway it's a high quality brief video that's certainly offered me some new ideas for utilizing my own silicone bakeware. Check it out!

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