Friday, February 20, 2015

Ways the Restaurant Industry is Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

The restaurant industry has taken some actions to become a lot more green recently. This industry generates a lot of waste, from food items to recyclable goods, for instance paper, cardboard and glass. Now, dining establishments are taking precautions and have taken place in recycling initiatives along with purchasing much more eco-friendly items and adapting new technologies that cut back on waste.

To begin, dining establishments use a lot of recyclable containers. Wine, beer and liquor orders are shipped in cardboard boxes, food items arrive in plastic tubs and buckets and lastly, the wait staff and hosts go through a lot of POS paper and reservation sheets. All these things are recyclable, and now that more members of this industry are participating in these types of plans, this kind of waste has been lessened. An additional precautionary step taken is to stop utilizing Styrofoam and purchase recyclable, biodegradable take out containers.

When it comes to technology, some dining establishments have installed computer systems for the host and also in the kitchen that further cut back on paper waste. For example, there is a computer program for taking reservations electronically. Also, as a substitute to printed tickets in the kitchen, the orders from the wait staff can be sent electronically to a computer system. This eliminates the need for printing paper tickets.

Solely in the kitchen portion of the restaurant, the cooks can make sure food items are getting appropriately rotated to stick to the “first in, first out” method. This practice will reduce food waste. They can also be sure to appropriately store food items in the cooler and freezer to reduce potential damage.

The most wasted things in dining establishments are food, recyclables, such as cardboard and plastic packaging and paper items such as POS paper rolls and reservation sheets. Nowadays with the increasing concern for our natural surroundings, restaurateurs are taking precautionary approaches to decrease their carbon footprint by implementing the above mentioned along with other eco-friendly practices.

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