About The Author

  The author of this blog Juliet Christie Murray has worked in Jamaican Schools for over thirty eight years. She has occupied positions as classroom teacher, teaching all primary subjects, subject teacher teaching subjects such as reading, music theory and Home and Family life Education.

Juliet has worked in the capacity of Vice Principal and acting Principal. She like writing and has authored three anthologies of poems two published and one in the process of being published. She has also authored an online book of instruction on drapery making, Quick and Easy Drapery Making which may be obtained on the website

As a writer Juliet writes articles on various sites such as  Triond com where she writes recipes. She writes on Jamaica where she gives instruction on poetry writing skills, and an information site on Jamaica

She is also the writer of the blog which is a blog of home Economics lesson plans she has written and compiled. She writes the blog a blog of issues relating to women mainly black. She writes much taught provoking and controversial articles on , and